Daisyscan's Promise to You

  • To offer a clean, safe, calming, and professional environment to ensure the utmost is done to check and maintain the well-being of all clients.
  • To provide a consistently superior service with the principles of professionalism, duty of care, integrity, respect and empathy as the foundations of the clinic and our team.
  • Provide the latest in Ultrasound technology and expertise from our qualified, caring staff.
  • To build and maintain a company / staff culture that strives to stay at the forefront of patient led care in all that we offer.
  • To evolve a company that's core values continue to be centred around the client's needs.

Daisyscan's Aims
Daisyscan will provide a comprehensive service of private, non-diagnostic obstetrics ultrasound scans for pregnant women. We will provide outstanding care and service within a safe, hygienic and calming environment for all; allowing us to offer a caring, patient focused healthcare that not only allows the checking of women and babies well-being but also reassures parents and enables them to develop a strong and lasting bond with their unborn child.

Daisyscan works in an open and transparent manner in all that we do. We would welcome any feedback regarding a service you have received from Daisyscan. Please email feedback@Daisyscan.co.uk